Cold shower? No hot water? Not enough hot water?  Water heater leaking?

Consider a Rheem Gas Hot Water System!

Save money and unnecessary costs by repairing/replacing your Rheem gas hot water system fast with the experts at BT Plumbing & Gas Ltd!

Don’t put up with having cold showers.

No matter where you’re based in Auckland, we can get a friendly repair/replacement Specialist to you.  At BT Plumbing, we have been repairing or replacing water heaters in the greater Auckland area for years. We are the water heater specialists, there is no job that we haven’t seen, so  phone us today for a prompt professional service.

BT Plumbing & Gas’s amazing Deals

  • Upgrade to a Rheem Continuous Flow 24
  • A back to back install in NG or LPG.  $2400.00 + gst – conditions apply
  • *Not including electrician

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Is Rheem Gas Hot Water Right for you?

When  choosing the right gas hot water system to meet your needs both now and in the future, you need to consider how and when hot water is required in your home. For instance, how many people in the house, how many bathrooms, high usage times, fuel sources available (e.g. ng (natural gas) & lpg (liquefied petroleum gas)) amount of outlets requiring to be used at the same time. At BT Plumbing & Gas we are experienced at assessing your individual requirements and recommending the most appropriate as well as the most cost effective solutions and will balance your needs against the water and gas services ability to achieve  optimal performance.

Some other considerations are, your existing heater.  Can it be repaired or upgraded to meet your requirements.  Rheem have a range of high efficiency gas water heaters that can meet the demands of most modern homes.

When it comes to gas hot water heating Rheem hot water systems are the undisputed market leaders in gas hot water heating. Rheem have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing  hot water heaters in Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland since the late 60’s and have a well earned reputation of providing top quality hot water heaters that are ideally suited to the New Zealand  conditions.

New Zealanders have been choosing Rheem gas hot water cylinders for their reliability and performance for generations.

Rheem the Number One Choice!

Rheem gas hot water heaters are available in a huge range of models and sizes so there is sure to be one to suit your home or office, no matter  what fuel sources are available to you or the size of your property.It’s no wonder they are known as the number one choice of New Zealanders for hot water.

If you want steady, hot and strong water phone BT Plumbing & Gas on 0800 287 586. Talk to us today for specialist knowledge, installation & service of your choice of Rheem water heater.

BT Plumbing & Gas are the premier Rheem  gas hot water systems plumber/gasfitter in Auckland. We have a team of specialised Rheem hot water heater plumbers/gasfitters.  We are regularly called out to homes and businesses across the greater Auckland area to either repair a Rheem water heater and/or fully replace the existing water heater whether it be HJ Coopers, Dux, Rinnai, Rudd, Paloma, Triumph, Vulcan Freeloader or Rheem Hot Water Cylinder.

At BT Plumbing & Gas our mission is to ensure you have hot water ASAP.

Below is a brief list of some of the work we have recently carried out in the Greater Auckland area.


Gas Water Heaters

There are a few ways to heat your water with gas, from the ever popular gas continuous flow to indoor or outdoor storage tanks.

Rheem NZ’s gas water heater range covers the lot with our complete range of Rheem Integrity gas continuous flows to our super efficient Stellar gas storage units.

If you’re heating your water with gas you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide range of rheem water heaters, from Rheem hot water cylinders to Rheem continuous hot water systems.


Gas Continuous Flow

Rheem Continuous Flow gas water heaters offer compact, energy efficient water heating. 

Conveniently mounted to an external or internal wall, Rheems Continuous Flow Gas water heaters are ideal for tight spots where installation space is restricted. Rather than storing pre-heated water in a tank, Continuous Flow water heaters heat the water as it flows through the unit. Water and gas is only used when a tap is turned on, saving on energy.   Backed by a 10 year pro-rata heat exchanger warranty. No need to ever run out of hot water again.

There are  different terms used for this style of water heater – califont, tankless, instantaneous, rinnai, bosch and paloma.  They are occasionally referred to as an “Infinity” although this is a registered trademark of a competitor.

Here are some of our favourite models in NZ:

  • Gas Continuous Flow 27
    Model Number: Continuous Flow 874627NFZ/LPZ
  • Gas Continuous Flow 24
    Model Number: Continuous Flow 871624NFZ/LFZ
  • Gas Continuous Flow 20
    Model Number: Continuous Flow 874620NFZ/LFZ
  • Gas Continuous Flow 16
    Model Number: Continuous Flow 874616NFZ/LFZ
  • Gas Continuous Flow 27 Indoors
    Model Number: Continuous Flow 864627NFZ/LFZ
  • Stellar 130 Litre Outdoor
    Model Number: Stellar A850330
  • Stellar 160 Litre Outdoor
    Model Number: Stellar A850360



Do you have a Vulcan Freeloader?  HAVE A VULCAN FREELOADER?

If you are looking to replace or service an old Vulcan Freeloader then Stellar is the ideal solution.

Call BT Plumbing & Gas Ltd – 0800 287 586 -for more information on service or replacement  for Vulcan Freeloaders.


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