At BT Plumbing Ltd we can help you with all your gas hot water system needs. If your hot water cylinder is not heating properly, the cylinder itself is leaking, or you simply want to upgrade your system then call our office on0800 287 586.

If you are looking to upgrade your hot water cylinder from an electric cylinder to a gas hot water cylinder or a continuous flow water heater then call us today. Do you want to have a more energy efficient hot water system installed? Call BT Plumbing Ltd and speak to a member of our team for professional advice on Gas water heating options and start saving now on your electrical bills.


Our team of gasfitters are Hot Water Specialist’s and are experienced with all brands of hot water systems. Whether you are looking for a storage water heater or a continuous flow water heater, we can help to correctly size the water heater to suit your usage. If cupboard space is an issue then we can look at installing a cylinder suitable for outside installation. For more information on some of the brands of water heaters we recommend click on these links:

Rheem Cylinder

Does your Hot Water Cylinder need replacing?

At BT Plumbing Ltd our team of hot water specialists can help you choose the gas water heater that suits your home and lifestyle.

Teenagers using up all the hot water before you get in the shower… maybe you need a bigger cylinder or even continuous flow water heater.

Get one of our gasfitters around to ensure you are getting the most out of your system and to explain the options available to you. Speak to the professionals before making your decision.

Dux Cylinder


For a complete solution call BT Plumbing Ltd today for quality professional workmanship

Hot water Cylinder