Braemar Central Heating

Complete Heat has been installing the Braemar range of central heating for many years, because of its superior energy efficiency and flexible features.

Save money with Braemar Central Heating

Gas ducted heating is far cheaper to run than any other form of central heating system, including reverse cycle air conditioning. So not only will your home stay nice and warm during winter, you’ll save money on heating costs as well.

  •  NZ’s most efficient range of ducted gas heaters.
  • A single point electronic ignition system reduces gas consumption by eliminating the need for a continuous pilot light.
  • Controlling the temperature so that rooms aren’t needlessly overheated ensures that your heater uses the minimum amount of gas required to heat your home which ultimately saves on running costs.
  • There is a Braemar system for all homes and budgets, with 3 STAR, 4 STAR, 5 STAR, ‘Super 6’ STAR, and 7 STAR Equivalent options.

MagIQtouch Smart Controller and WI-FI Smart App

Smart, sophisticated and incredibly intuitive, your MagIQtouch controller makes operating your central heating heating a breeze. Its discreet and modern design will blend seamlessly into the décor of your home.

 Looking similar to your MagIQtouch wall controller (for ease of navigation), the MagIQtouch WI-FI Smart App gives you the control to run your central heating via your wi-fi or mobile connection.

Custom designed to suit your home

Another reason Braemar Ecostar heats your home so effectively is because of our computer-assisted, Braemar central heating sizing guide. Exclusive to Braemar, the program accurately profiles the size, perspective and main characteristics of your home. This works to ensure the best installation plan and the most ideal heating system for you.

Comprehensive warranty

Every single Braemar ducted gas heating unit is made from premium grade materials and supported by a comprehensive factory-backed warranty. The Braemar industry standard 7 year comprehensive warranty for residential ducted gas heating also comes with a 10 year heat exchanger and burner warranty.

While Braemar engineering and quality control procedures mean we don’t think you’ll ever need to use it, their warranty is there for your protection and peace of mind.


Brivis Central Heating

We install and replace Brivis central heating throughout Auckland. Brivis has a focus on energy efficiency and cost savings, with 3 STAR, 4 STAR, 5 STAR, and 6 STAR units available.

Designed for New Zealand conditions

For over 50 years Brivis has been heating and cooling New Zealand homes. Unmatched for reliability, some of our first heaters are still working today. Every Brivis heating system is tailored for New Zealand homes and is guaranteed to provide your home with warm, cosy air for many years.

Affordability & Performance

With a range of models that suit your budget, Brivis makes central heating affordable for your household. Additionally, Brivis room

Standards & Warranty

Brivis design and manufacturing process is accredited to the New Zealand Standard AS/NZS ISO9001. And their Ducted Gas Heaters come with warranties of up to 5 years.