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Rheem Gas Hot Water

Rheem Has Hot Water SystemsRheem offer a vast array of commercial and domestic options when it comes to their range of water heaters. The gas water heater options in the range from Rheem includes:

  • Gas Storage water heaters
  • Gas Continuous flow water heaters
  • Gas condensing boilers

Within this large range of water heaters Rheem offer indoor and outdoor options to suit your needs. Choosing an appropriate water heater for your installation is important to ensure you are heating your water efficiently and so that you don't run out of hot water! Contact us at BT Plumbing Ltd if you need some advice on improving or upgrading your current hot water system.

Rheem manufacture storage heaters from 15 liters up to 410 liters. Their excellent range of heaters include options like the Rheem Optima, a mains pressure electric storage water heater offering a solution for indoor and outdoor installation. With models for all households, the Rheem Optima is designed for long life and attracts a 10 year warranty on the Optima cylinder.

Rheem Gas Hot Water SystemsThe Rheem Stellar is one of the most efficient domestic gas water heaters available in New Zealand. With no electrical connections necessary the Rheem Stellar continues working even if the power goes off. Stylish in design, this energy efficient water heater also carries a 10 year Rheem warranty.

Rheem Gas Hot Water SystemsSome customers wish to only pay for heating the hot water they use and so storage heaters are not an option. Rheem offers a continuous flow unit which is a compact, continuous flow gas water heater with optional temperature controllers. It doesn't store water - instead it heats water as it passes through the unit, meaning it will virtually never run out of hot water. This water heater is also excellent for use where space is at a premium.

As you can see there are a lot of options above and many more available to you, so whether your old water heater is leaking or you simply wish to investigate more suitable options for your needs, contact us at BT Plumbing and get some professional advise on which system best suits you.

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